We support our Neighborhood and the small shops that give it life

Today, we have one more reason. We are safe there.

But why keep the shops in your Neighborhood? Below, we summarize just a few reasons why they are worth visiting.

1. We create added value.

By making our purchases in the neighborhood shops, we support practice and strengthen the local economy, thus contributing to the balance of the economic chain. By shopping at our local market, we give back to the community and the local community by multiplying its benefits so that it continues to grow and flourish!

2. We respect small local businesses.

Small business people in our neighborhood struggle daily to sell their products despite great competition, which has more resources and better means. How can we reduce this distance?

By systematically choosing and preferring the small shops in our Neighborhood, we give space to small entrepreneurs to grow while supporting their work and efforts. Consider that most small shops maintain an essential historicity, provide color and identity to our Neighborhood over the years, and are passed down from generation to generation to their family members.

3. We find quality and unique products.

Businesses in our Neighborhood focus more on the reliability of the products they offer to their customers and less on profit. They do not seek mass sales with large profit margins since sales are always personal. The quality and uniqueness of the products play a decisive role in this, and they make sure to source brands mainly produced in Greece that have a unique character and style, and their authenticity is the star in their showcases.

4. We support valuable jobs.

Keeping jobs and ensuring employment opportunities in our local community are equally important. Consider that small and medium-sized businesses operating in our neighborhoods account for 18% of total employment in the economy, providing approximately 700,000 jobs. Also, appreciate the fact that for young workers under 25, small commercial enterprises are the starting point of their careers. Therefore, by supporting our neighborhood shops, we automatically help valuable jobs. And this is an excellent act of true love and solidarity.

In addition, the activity of small businesses in local communities contributes to one more purpose: it develops professional skills, cultivating suitable and realistic conditions for the future generation of entrepreneurs!

5. We feel safe

Especially now that our security is on the “front line” due to the pandemic, we can feel safe more than ever. The small shops in our Neighborhood are places we know well; they are easily accessible, and we can feel confident that all measures are followed to the letter! Our neighborhood stores have the ideal space to accommodate a limited and manageable number of customers at a time, keeping the necessary distances and their warm smiles behind their protective masks.

6. We enjoy an excellent service experience in a friendly and familiar environment.

In our neighborhood stores, some people want to know us by name. The service experience is in the hands of those people who are always willing to go the extra mile for us to satisfy not only our purchasing needs but also our overall experience in their stores. They are the people who want to see us come back to their “home” for a good morning or even a small or big purchase.

And now that you know why you need to support the small shops in your Neighborhood, you can see some ways to make it happen!

#1 Prefer the stores in your Neighborhood… they are next to you!

Before visiting larger stores or malls, take some time and do some market research to see if the store in your Neighborhood can satisfy your shopping needs. You will find a wide variety in many product categories and at excellent prices! Prefer to buy gifts for your loved ones from the small shops in your Neighborhood. In this way, you raise awareness and awaken your people to do the same since you will have introduced them to a store they did not know about until now.

#2 See if your neighborhood store has its own digital home and communicate your experience “to the outside world”!

The digital world has endless possibilities; news travels quickly and offers countless opportunities for everyone. By uploading photos and information about your favorite store to your profile on social media, many new consumers automatically learn about it. How influential can you become for a good cause? At the same time, you can see if your favorite store maintains a profile on these media and leaves a positive review there, boosting its reputation!

#3 Talk about the stores in your Neighborhood to friends and acquaintances

Your opinion counts. That’s why we share it in every way and opportunity. After you have been satisfied with your purchases and the service of the small store in your Neighborhood, please talk about your experience to friends and acquaintances who you believe will strengthen this store with their purchases.

Remember that small businesses are standing by you, just as we need to stand by them right now. In our Neighborhood, many hidden treasures are waiting to be discovered. Yes, it is a few steps or a few meters away from our house. We support our Neighborhood and the small shops that give it life.

Today, we have even more reason to do so because we are safe there.

Together, we can achieve much more.

Especially now, our power can transform the future and many people’s lives for the better.

And don’t forget, in every purchase you make, use #stirizoumetigeitoniamas to spread the message that by supporting our Neighborhood and its small shops, we stay safe!