Meeting of the ESEE with the Ambassador of China in Greece

The strengthening of bilateral commerce between Greece and China is at the center of the meeting of the EUEE with the Ambassador of China to Greece

Mr. Georgios Karanikas, president of ESEE, met with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Greece, Mr. Xiao Juncheng, yesterday, Wednesday, October 11, at the offices of ESEE.

The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the presence of Greek commercial companies in the ever-growing Chinese market and to promote cooperation between the Chinese companies further established in our country and the entire Greek business ecosystem, aiming for mutual business and economic avail.

Mr. Juncheng emphasized that the long-standing friendly relations between the two countries and the development of the Chinese economy are constantly creating new opportunities for European and Greek businesses. He reminded that since 2006, Greece and China have entered into an “Integrated Strategic Partnership” and underlined the need and the possibility to constantly build “bridges” in the dynamic sectors to increase the benefits deriving from this relationship.

Mr. Karanikas focused on the pivotal role of Greek Commerce as an accelerator of the development of the Greek economy and on its significant contribution to job creation and ensuring social cohesion. He noted that Greek commercial enterprises can today expect greater penetration in the Chinese market if they take advantage of new digital marketing and sales tools and work cooperatively with the other significant sectors of the Greek economy, such as Tourism and Agri-Food.

In the context of the meeting, executives of INEMY -, led by the Scientific Director, Mrs. Valia Aranitou, presented to the Chinese Ambassador the basic financial figures of Greek Commerce as well as the role of the Institute in the formation and scientific documentation of ESEE’s positions.

The two sides agreed that the meeting was the beginning of a regular cooperation between them, with an exchange of information and know-how on all issues that can promote commercial transactions between Greece and China.