"Shop in the neighborhood"

New innovative scheme to support small commercial enterprises


The Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, always aiming to support small businesses, collaborates with Piraeus Bank in the new innovative program “Shop in the neighborhood.” The program aims to create local communities of mutual support based on shared interests and aspirations. The program opens up new avenues for commercial activities and gives perspective to local communities by offering incentives to consumers and neighborhood businesses.

Through the cooperation with ESEE, the Bank will be in direct contact with 340 Commerce Associations throughout the country to jointly address the significant challenges of the time to create a sustainable tomorrow for small businesses nationwide.

Businesses that participate in the “Shop Neighborhood” program become members of a growing community, participate in promotional activities, and benefit from the promotion of their business on the website www.psonizostigeitonia.gr, from which consumers can also be informed about the cooperating companies with the business program and for the benefits of their participation. Participating businesses enjoy benefits and offers. Specifically:

Every week until 12.2020, one lucky business wins €1,000 after a draw to cover its operating expenses.
Presentation of the business in GR and in the program’s promotional media.
In addition, by participating in the new type of daily reward for Small Businesses and freelancers yellow business they enjoy:
Discounts and offers from partner businesses.
Ability to redeem customer yellows from the terminal

Every week and until 31.12.2020, also after a draw, consumers win a refund of purchase amount up to €100 for 100 lucky transactions in businesses that take part in the program.

Tiny businesses that maintain a physical store and are active in more than 20 sectors of the economy (flowers – plants, cars, bookstores – toys – entertainment, clothing – footwear – sporting goods, restaurants – bars – cafes, electronic and electrical equipment, cosmetics – beauty, jewelry – optics, materials – paints and general household goods, tourist, food – drinks, pharmacies).

The innovative program of Piraeus Bank, which is part of its actions to support small businesses in Greece, will be enriched with additional steps supporting the modernization, development, and perspective of small businesses in the modern environment.