Despite the difficult circumstances, in which merchants operate, are becoming even more demanding, the targets set out shall be even higher accordingly.

The main missions of ESEE are:

  • Protection of members interests.
  • High-light the substantial contribution, as well as the significance of commerce in the national economy.
  • Point out the role of commerce as a basic pillar in the production process within new conditions, i.e.internationalization of the economy.
  • Transfer of know-how between its members.
  • Dissemination of a culture that promotes the creation of representative organizations.
  • Development of structures enhancing social dialogue.

More specifically, ESEE aims at:

  • The cultivation and consolidation of union consciousness among merchants.
  • The promotion and coordination of its members actions, as well as the development of a united nonpartisan union movement.
  • The systematic study of commerce issues in order to benefit commercial enterprises and the national economy in general.
  • The continuous adjustment of Greek commerce to the European and international economic reality.
  • The rationalization and modernization of commercial activity.
  • The vocational training of those who are active in commerce.
  • The networking and adjustment of commercial enterprises to digital economy.