icons protaseis asfalistiko-01 Reinstitution of the common proposal for the arrangement of arrears towards O.A.E.D., so that freezing, capitalization or debt remission will be law integrated and abstracted from the calculation of pension as insurance time.
icons protaseis asfalistiko-02 Proportionality of insurance contributions, by calculation the revenue as an “after tax revenue”.
icons protaseis asfalistiko-03 Untying of the insurances’ contributions from the accounting differences that may occur after tax audits.
icons protaseis asfalistiko-04 Reevaluation of the arbitrary doubling for calculating the ceiling cap and evaluation of a new multiplying scale from 4 to 10 for calculating revenues above 20.000 euros.
icons protaseis asfalistiko-05 Reassessment of percentage for the insurance revenues in healthcare, 6.95 %, supplementary pensions scheme 7,5 % and 4% on welfare insurance contribution.
icons protaseis asfalistiko-06 Abolishment of all emergency contributions and of the 20-euro allowance to the unemployed, without taking workforce into account, that does not serve its purpose.
icons protaseis asfalistiko-07 Expansion of “labor ticket” beyond the agricultural sector.
icons protaseis asfalistiko-08 Calculating the disproportional burden to new pensioners and breaking down the percentage of substitution.
icons protaseis asfalistiko-09 Quantification and deregulation of exceptions in the professional sectors and branches that fall within the new insurance system.
icons protaseis asfalistiko-10 Simple and comprehensive codification of new insurance regulation.